Creation of Steelmaking

to reduce the cost of manufacturing equipment, large-scale components and spare parts

Systematic Increase

of professional qualities and skills of management personnel and employees of the enterprise in accordance with international requirements

Active Attraction

of foreign investors for the organization of joint ventures to produce export-oriented high-quality products

About the Factory

The history of the plant covers a period of more than 65 years, when in 1960, on the basis of repair workshops "Узбекнефтегазразведка" and "Цветметразведка", a repair and mechanical plant was created, the function of which was mainly to meet the needs of the Republic in capital repair of geological prospecting equipment for core drilling and deep drilling , as well as repair of vehicles.

  • During the first decade, the volume of production increased 2.3 times.
  • The range of manufactured products has significantly changed and expanded.
  • The geography of supplies went beyond the borders of the Republic.

The plant started serial production of the M-5 mining tool. The workshops provided drilling rig repair services. After on the basis of repair workshops, the Tashkent Mechanical Repair Plant was established, which in 1972 was renamed the Tashkent Geological Exploration Plant on the basis of the Order of the Ministry of Geology of the Uzbek SSR of June 21, 1972, No. 145.

In 1981 the plant was transformed into a pilot plant "Geologorazvedka", while practically fulfilling the tasks set, annually producing 15-20 types of prototypes and mastering the serial production of 1-2 items.

SUE "Geoburtexnika" is the only and strategic enterprise in the system of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Geology and Mineral Resources for the production of oilfield and exploration hard alloy drilling tools.

High potential of Geoburtexnika

The enterprise has its own goals, which it wants to achieve in the course of its activities, and the tasks that are formed directly in the process of achieving the set goals. The purpose of the Company's activity is to make a profit. Manufactured by the enterprise within the framework of the localization program for import-substituting products, in recent years it has completely abandoned the import of these products, which annually saves currency funds. There is a functional management structure in SUE "Geoburtexnika". Through this structure, the management activities of the enterprise are carried out.

The technologies used in SUE "Geoburtexnika" include the development of new, not yet known directions, which in turn may differ in their non-standard.

The enterprise uses a lot of ways to improve the work process. Introduces and uses new ways of approach to customers, which allows you to give complete information that interests the buyer.








Geoburtexnika Plant is the only and strategic organization in the geological industry for the production of drilling tools, spare parts and components for geological and non-standard equipment. The factory also produces consumer goods.

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Qualitative indicators of the products fully meet the requirements of modern standards, GOST and TU, which are confirmed by the relevant certificates issued by Uzstandart.

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The work on mastering the production of products proposed for localization, approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-2298 of February 5, 2015, "On the Program for the localization of finished products, components and materials for 2015-2019", is being actively pursued.

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